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Welcome to my Page! I hope you enjoy your stay!!!
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Things to do:

Art-Trade Button #Blue  (FREE to use) by KimmyPeachesFor those who wants Artwork as payment instead of :iconpaypalplz: or :points: or just for the fun of exchanging ultra mega awesome artworks

Bullet Blue by Little-Vampire:iconchibionpu: Sketch of Gaia Blue bar-done by L3Moon-Studios
Bullet Blue by Little-Vampire:icondeaththegirlsymmetry:Numbah 3 x Numbah 4 Blue Bar-25%done by L3Moon-Studios
Bullet Blue by Little-Vampire:icondo7anii: OC Clara Blue bar-done by L3Moon-Studios
Bullet Blue by Little-Vampire:iconmysteriouscloud: Chibi Loki and Me Blue bar-50%done by L3Moon-Studios
Bullet Blue by Little-Vampire :iconaoiome: Aoiome OC Blue Bar-25%done by L3Moon-Studios
Bullet Blue by Little-Vampire :iconyagamisiro: Maid OC Blue Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
Bullet Blue by Little-Vampire :iconking-yaoi: Kaomi OC Blue Bar-25%done by L3Moon-Studios

Request Button #Blue  (FREE to use) by KimmyPeachesfor those who want artworks for free :iconmahfeelzplz:

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Bullet Blue by Little-Vampire:iconirrikun: Irri PersonaBlue Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios

Commission Button #Blue  (FREE to use) by KimmyPeachesFor those who are willing to pay me :points: in exchange :iconmoemoeplz:

Bullet Blue by Little-VampireWill soon open :iconhappyblueplz:

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Stamp Collection:
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Moon by NorthboundFox::. Stamp: Star-gazer .:: by KittyCrittersStamp: Never too Late by SouthrobinStamp: Faithfulness by delusional-dreams
I Love Rain Stamp. by toastandcupofteaI Love Hot Coco by Lill-Devil-MeliiShower Performance by TheSaltyMonsterI love Music Stamp by RikkuTenjouSs
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There's a reason why i separated this from my paypal entries and you'll see later why but before anything else-- 
Good day to everyone and thank you for passing by or maybe accidentally getting into my journal. By fate or accidents 
I am very thankful so without further ado here is my Points/Paypal Commission.

You can also check out my Paypal ONLY commission info for a different art style 

the following are samples of what i can in for these kind of commissions.
AT Three and Four by AyanoHoshiAT Ulti by AyanoHoshi
Cranberry OC by AyanoHoshiRequest: Irri by AyanoHoshi
  1. Head Shot* = 9 USD/ 500 :points:
  2. Bust = 13 USD/ 800 :points:
  3. Waist Up* = 17 USD/ 1100 :points:
  4. Full Body* = 20-25 USD/ 1400 :points:
*I do not have sample for this but you can check this gallery folder to assess I can do what you want to commission for. You can check my whole gallery if you want but that would be embarrassing in my part so just check on what you need to asses me ;//u//;
  • additional character/s = For Headshot and Bust is 5 USD/ 100 :points: but for Waist Up and Fully Body its 10 USD/ 150 :points:
  • additional complex/many accessories = -- USD/ :points: (means this will depend on the complexity and number of accessories you will add)
  • background = N/A :points: (Unless you want like first example above i might give an exemption but with additional payment)
  • Props = -- USD (depends of how many or how complex the objects will be)

  1. Do not claim, edit, reproduce my artworks and/or use it for commercial usage.
  2. If you plan on putting it into any other websites please credit me A link back to my page or to the particular artwork would be also good and very much appreciate ;u;
  3. will put this in my gallery and/or any other website claiming myself as the creator but the commissioner as its owner. So others can see more samples for my commissions and also for my watchers ;u;
  4. Please take care of them ;u; i created them with my heart so please take care of my lovies creations //sobs
  5. I will only start the commission once the commissioner has given me full payment.
  6. I will do less than three revision ONLY in the sketch stage
  7. The commissioner will pay the transaction fees.
  8. By commissioning with me means you will not break the rules I have stated and to my Silly step number 1.
  9. I will note you personally in what date will i be able to complete your commissions
  10. I have the right to turn down a commission due to other commissions or personal problems I'm a sensitive-like of an artist, to the point of showing it through my art and i don't want to create commission that looks like crying because that's what i'm feeling, hope people would understand that and because i'm still an improving artist of some level that might not be able to take such complex completion or so the like
  11. Bare with me in notes because i'm not good at English grammar ;u;
  12. If you have any question please note me with the title "Drink Commissions"
Finished reading the rules? Superb! thank you reading it patiently! Now read some more! :D almost there

I can do:

  • Female
  • BISHIE Male (I give you a warning that your male character will turn into a Bishie or Bishounen with my hands)
  • Original Characters
  • Fan Art
  • Heterosexual Couples (I only allow cute intimacy not below the belt intimacy*)
  • Homosexual Couples (Same goes with Yuri and Yaoi only cute intimacy puuhleaase~)
  • Non-Complex animals (I can only do so much ;u;) THIS IS ONLY FOR ADDITIONALS/PROP
* I'll decide if its cute intimacy or not 

I can't do:
  • Furries (But I can make animal ears and tails if that helps ;u; )
  • Complex or Non-Complex Background (NOPE NOPE NOPE)
  • Masculine/ Beard Male (Unless You want a bishie lolicon result of your commission then best not to ask for this)
  • Realistic (I do some portraits but im not confident enough for this)
  • Nudity/Ecchi (Not Pro ;u;)
  • Hentai/Adult Content (Not ultra Pro for this ;u; )
  • Mecha (ULTRA NOPE, I just can't uhuhuhuh //rolls away)
  • Super Ultra Mega Complex Animals (I can only make fluffy and cute ones ;u; )
  • Ultra mega complex poses (I can't make them jump with ultra mega angles, I just cant...yet)

Silly Steps:
  1. Please note me with the title "I Drink Commissions with (Favorite type of cookies or biscuits you eat)" come on laugh :D, okay i tried my best ;u; huhuhuhu but do please put that as a title if you don't, i will prioritize the one who did.
  2. Next is to put what kind of commission you chose in my category along with any additional stuffs you wanted to have with the additional fee of course Please don't forget that
  3. Please wait for my reply and once we talked finalized the price for the commission, i will note you my paypal account so you send the full payment there. If you don't know how to play please go to this tutorial on how to do so How to send money using PAYPAL by etuix
  4. Once I receive the payment that's the time i will start the commission. (As stated in the rules) THIS ALSO APPLIES IN POINTS/PAYPAL COMMISSIONS(because i copy paste this from my paypal commissions because i'm lazy but all in all its jsut the same ;u; forgive)
  5. I give you a heart (less that 3) number of revisions during the sketch stage after that I will give you updates and give you a date when I would finish it.
  6. I will give you the link of the finished work after i posted it in my gallery.
  7. Then you are done!
What you will get:
  1. For Chibis, you'll receive a 1000x1000 pixels transparent artwork in PNG format. For Non-chibi it'll be 2000x2000 pixels with the same format.
  2. You will be the owner of the said commission artwork--congratulations!! but don't forget the rules~
  3. My appreciation and a piece of my heart for letting me have commission with you ;u; It gives me confidence, experience and improvement so you have all my thanks ;u; :iconuhuhuhuplz:

I will do my best in my artworks!! Thank you for reading up till this point and I hope everybody a pleasant day/night. :icontuzkidanceplz::icontuzkidanceplz::icontuzkidanceplz:

And i want to thank so much for this Commission Guide by DarlingMionette
this had really helped me a lot ;u; so thanks :iconuhuhuhuplz:

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